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How To Use Wax Melts

As you can probably tell from the products we make and sell, we love wax melts and everything about them, but often, people are still unsure what they are and how they work and also how they differ from the more traditional candles.

Wax melts are a great way to send amazing scents through your home. They're also often a more affordable option when compared to candles, and they come in a wide variety of scents which you can change as you wish and therefore enjoy a different smell and fragrance when you like.

If you're new to wax melts, here's a quick guide on how to use them:

Step One - Choose A Wax Melt Burner

There are two main types of wax melt burners: tea light burners and electric burners.

Tea light wax burners are the most basic and simple type of burner, as they work by using the heat from a tea light candle to melt the wax. You will find you get a stronger fragrance release with tea light wax burners due to the increased heat, but you will need to make sure you have a good stock of tea light candles on hand, as if you love your wax melts, then you will go through them!

Electric burners do not rely on a tea light candle, as you just plug them in to a power socket, which means you do not need a stock of tea light candles on hand to enjoy burning. However, you do need to make sure you have spare bulbs, as once the bulb has run the course you need to change them, otherwise the wax will not melt to optimum level and the fragrance released will often be poor. Also expect the fragrance to not be as powerful when compared to melting on a tea light wax burner, just because of the heat difference.

Step Two - Choose Your Wax Melts

Wax melts come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and scents.

You will find a massive choice of wax melts online, some will be like ours in terms of 6 cubic blocks, some will be snap bars, some in round pots and the list goes on. Some will have glitter and fancy colours and again, like ours, some will just be plain and simple colours, as we want to offer the best fragrance, not just a pretty effect and glitter circles.

Always make sure you opt for wax melts that use natural waxes like Soy Wax or Coconut and Rapeseed Wax, as these are much better in terms of melting and your health as they do not contain the nasties that some other waxes can contain.

Step Three - Place A Section Of The Wax Melt Into Your Burner

Depending on who you buy your wax melts from and the strength of them, you may need to use a couple of sections of the wax melt to get the ideal fragrance, but your wax melt supplier should inform you about this when you receive them or when you order.

All you do is break off a cube or section of the wax melt and pop it into your wax melt warmer bowl. If it is a tea light one you light the tea light candle and place it underneath, if it’s an electric one just turn it on, wait for it to heat up and off you go.

Once you’re done blow the candle out or turn the lamp off if electric, and simply repeat this step to go again when your ready to use your burner.

Here are a few additional tips and tricks when it comes to using wax melts:

For a stronger scent, use more sections of the wax melt, but do make sure your burner is able to handle the amount of wax you are going to melt, as some burner bowls are smaller than others and you don’t want an overflow of hot wax (you really don’t, been there and done that!).

If you want to change the scent, simply remove the old wax melt and replace it with a new one. If the old one still has some smell you can often remelt them later, or like we do, pop them in a drawer or cupboard and use them as free fresheners!

We have a guide to how to remove your old wax melt here.

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