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How To Remove Used Wax From Your Burner

How To Remove Used Wax From Your Burner

Using wax melts is brilliant in so many ways, as not only are they generally cheaper and more affordable than candles, but you can change your scent or fragrance when you want to, which means if you feel like a perfume fragrance today, you can have a fruity fragrance tomorrow.

But, this means that you either need hundreds of wax melt burners, or you need to know how to clean your main wax burner easily, and a part of this is how to remove the old wax once you have finished with it and clean it up ready to use again.

Everyone probably has their own method when it comes to this, some of them are pretty much ok, and maybe some are not, so we thought we would show you are top tips and some feedback from our very own customers when it comes to how to remove your old wax melt from your burner so that you can start melting some more amazing wax melts of your choosing.

Cotton Pads Or Cotton Balls

All you need is a cotton pad or cotton wool ball or two and some patience, as this method seems to be one of the most popular from the feedback we receive from our customers.

Once you have finished melting the wax, you need to let it cool down slightly so that it is not piping hot, but you do need to catch it before it starts to go solid again. When you are ready, pop the cotton pad or ball into the wax, sit back, and watch the soak up effect in front of your eyes. You might need one or two depending on the size of the burner and the amount of wax you need, so have some spare just in case.

Then once the wax is pretty much soaked up and the balls are ok to touch, pop them in the bin and clean the rest of your wax burner with another cotton ball or a damp paper towel.

Put It In The Freezer

Yes, you read that right, and we were as surprised as anyone when we found out that many of our customers take their tea light burner once the wax has gone solid, pop it in the freezer for 10 minutes or so, and then when they take it out you simply push the old wax out of the burner and then clean with a bit of damp paper towel.

We gave this a go and it really does work, but a couple of pointers here, and these are VERY important!

Only do this with tea light burners, never, ever put an electric warmer in your freezer.

Keep the time as short as you can in the freezer as if you leave it in their too long it could affect the long-term durability of the burner.

And finally, let the wax go hard before you put it in the freezer, else your chicken nuggets could be covered in spilt wax!

The Heat It Up And Pop It Out Method

This is a pretty simple way of getting rid of the old wax, and it only takes a few seconds to do and is pretty effective but can be messy if you get it wrong.

You just need to heat up the wax for a minute or less, so that the bottom part of the wax is melted and then pour it all out or push it out onto a paper towel, ideally on a kitchen work top and not your brand-new sofa or carpet.

If you become a real master at this, you might be able to learn to just heat it up enough to quickly push it all out in one go, but this takes skill, time and a level of experience that you will just need to learn over time.

Either way, this seems a very common method to the customers we asked about this, but go careful!

And finally …

Always make sure that once the old wax is removed, you clean the bowl with a warm damp paper towel to remove any of the old wax that might still be there. If you have old bits of wax left in the burner then this can make future burns smell strange and can really affect your other scents when you melt them.

And always make sure your burner is fully dry and has no water, even small droplets left over, as water and melting really do not go well and can be very dangerous.

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