Using Our Melts

How to use your wax melts

Our 6 square wax melt bars will provide 30 – 40 hours of pleasure (on average). Each block should last between 6-8 hours.

Once you have opened your packaging, break off one block and place it into your burner.

Our wax melts work with both electric and tea-Light wax burners.

We find that the fragrance is often stronger from tea-light based burners, as they are generally hotter when burning and deliver a much smoother burn of the wax.

Burning safely and responsibly

Never leave your wax burner unattended. Always keep your wax melts and your burners out of reach of children and pets, regardless of whether you are burning or not.

Always remove your wax melts from their packaging before melting.

Always make sure your wax burner is on a stable, level, heat resistant and clear surface and that your burner is not surrounded by other objects or flammable materials. Never overfill your burner.

Clean your burner after every use. If you don't, you might find fragrances are distorted. This is caused by leftover melt wax in your burner.

It goes without saying, but these wax melts are not for consumption, so please don’t eat them!

And when your done melting

Once your wax melt square is finished, let the wax harden, remove it from your burner and dispose of it in your general rubbish bin.

Please avoid pouring any wax (both hard and soft) going down the sink, as this can cause blockages.

Our packaging is PET 1 recyclable, so they can be placed in your recycling bin. Please check on your local Council’s website first as this is not always available in all areas.