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Why Choose Natural Wax Melts?

We now live in a world where we want to do better, we want to live better and we want to make better choices, and when it comes to choosing the best wax melts for you and your family, choosing natural wax melts really does make total sense, as it is just another decision that not only helps ourselves but also the world around us as well.

For many years people have been using candles and wax melts that contain things like paraffin or that are made from wax that is not generally very good for our health or our planet, and this over time has led to finding new materials and new waxes to work with. This is with the main aim to really improve not only the quality of the product, but to do a better job at using materials that are more ecofriendly to our planet.

Being green and trying to save the planet is not and never will be achieved by using natural wax melts and candles alone, but as part of the bigger picture, it is one of those small changes that along with everything else we do really can have a good overall impact on our today and of course, our tomorrow as well.

We use soy wax in our candles and Rapeseed and Coconut Wax in our wax melts, both of which are natural waxes that really are much better for our planet and our own health - another consideration when it comes to using wax melts.

The core benefits of Rapeseed and Coconut wax is that it is 100% vegan, totally bio-degradable and is far more sustainable than wax containing paraffin and it really is one of the newer waxes that we find to not only be much better in terms of quality, but also far better when you are trying to produce products that have a lesser negative impact on our planet. Soy wax (that we use in our candles) is also a natural wax, meaning that both options offer a much safer and nontoxic burn, something that improves quality and offers a much healthier option.

Rapeseed and Coconut wax as we mention is 100% plant based, making it vegan and more sustainable and is also mostly bio-degradable, which means you won’t find any of our used and discarded wax melts lying around in years to come, which means we do not add to the huge problem of waste that will be around in hundreds of years to come.

Natural wax melts also offer a far cleaner burn than their paraffin alternatives and because of the wax used, they burn at a more consistent rate and temperature, which in turn can really help them to last longer and offer a far more productive burn. This is the biggest positive feedback we get from our customers is that our wax melts and candles tend to last longer than many other wax melts on the market, and yet cost no more – a real win for us and a real win for our customers.

Going natural does not mean they are any more expensive than most other alternatives, because most manufacturers like us will try to absorb the price increases that using better wax costs us, as it is important to not only make wax melts and candles that are of a superior quality, but that are better for our customers and the world we live in.

So, next time you choose a wax melt or a candle, make sure they use natural wax and you will really notice the difference and know you are doing your little bit for a brighter future for us all.

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