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Tea Light Wax Burners - Finding The Right One For You

With so many wax melt burners currently available from many websites (and shops) just like ours, it can be a challenge to know what wax melt burner is going to be the right one for you and your home, which is why many people find choosing tealight burners no different to choosing something else for their home, or even clothes!

When it comes to choosing the perfect wax melt burner to melt your wax melts, as we mention, you will be spoilt for choice, but when it comes to which one is right for you, like anything else, it will be down to personal preference and knowing exactly what you are looking for.

Choosing the perfect ceramic wax burner or glass burner is so important, as if you are investing your money into something that is going to sit in your home for many years to come, you want it to look just perfect.

We know you just want to sit back and pop your wax melt into your wax melt burner, so we take a look at just how to choose the right one for you.

So Many Styles And Designs

From the elegant and home furnishing statement piece, through to the more affordable yet stylish wax melt burner, you will have hundreds and hundreds of designs, styles, colours and types to choose from, and when we say you have a big choice, you really do but you will always find something to suit your preference.

One of the most popular ranges of wax melt burners tend to be the simple ceramic white ones, but these days all types of designs, shapes and cut out images really are booming in popularity, because as we mention, there are so many types of handmade wax melt burners out there, there is something for everyone.

Many of them have the dish built into the top, but some do have removable bowls that you can take out, clean and then insert them back in once done, and these removable ones can make cleaning the dish a little easier. Generally, as long as the wax melt burner is well made and in perfect shape, cleaning them is pretty simple, but some people do find removable dishes a bit easier to manage.

Endless Colours For Every Room In Your Home

Whether you want a silver or chrome wax melt burner to match your living room decor, or you fancy a pink shaped love heart to melt away your wax melts, you will find a burner that really does tick the colour box, as there are so many suitable burners out there no matter what colour you are looking for.

The nice thing about wax burners when compared to candles is that you can continue to use your burner time and time again, and when you are not using it they can become focal design features in your home.

Warmers really do come in every colour these days, and not only do warmers offer more colours than the rainbow, but you can often find them with a mixture of colours and blends, with some of the spray finishing's simply stunning, especially the handmade ones made by artists that only produce a limited edition when compared to a big brand that might release thousands of the same design.

How The Wax Melt Burner Is Made

There are two main types of wax melt burners in terms of what they are made from and these are ceramic and glass, but when it comes to which one you choose to place your wax melts and tea lights in, there really is not much difference in terms of performance.

The ceramic ones are of course a bit more durable than the glass ones as if you drop a ceramic wax melt burner then you might end up chipping it or cracking it, but it could still be useable, but if you drop a glass wax melt burner then more times than not you will be looking at a lot of smashed glass all over the floor.

The Reason We Prefer T Light Wax Burners

Whilst an electric burner is generally just as popular as a tea light burner, we tend to find the tea light ones produce a bit of a stronger scent throw when you are melting your wax melt, as they often get the burner hotter than an electric (lamp) one would.

With a normal ceramic wax melt tea light burner you also don't need to worry about having your burner next to a power point socket or go through endless batteries, which means that if you want your wax melt burner in the middle of the room you can, and you can move them wherever you feel they work best, which offers a high level of convenience when compared to their electric alternatives.

And the sight of a naked flame bobbing around as you enjoy the sent throw of your wax melt really is stunning, especially on a winters evening as you settle down to enjoy a good book or watch some TV. We love to be cosy in the winter and the summer, and a lit tea light burner really adds to your atmosphere and of course, with an amazing wax melt releasing a stunning scent throw as well, how perfect.

More Rooms = More Burners!

Many of our customers have a range of burners in their home, as they can become focal points when not being used and by having more than one means you can have different scents in different rooms, no matter what you feel like melting that day or evening.

Burners look great even when you are not melting a wax melt, which is why you can pop one on a shelf, pop one in the middle of the table or even have one of the windowsill in the kitchen. The nice thing as we say is that they look amazing even when there is no tea light candle bobbing away, and this means they are much a focal design for your home, as much as they are a way to make your house smell simply stunning! There is just no limit to how many burners you can own, as as they are often very affordable, they can end up being the cheapest design features in your home.

But and we say this very seriously, never ever leave your burner unattended, as you must always be in the same room as the burner that you are using, just in case anything happens to the burner that could cause it to catch light. This is rare, but never leave a burner you are using unattended (the same with candles).

Places To Buy Your Wax Melt Burner

Whether you decide to buy your wax melt burner online or in your local shop, the fact you can go and find a ceramic tea light burner in so many places means that you have endless choice when it comes to style, but it also means you can shop around and find the right burner at the right price, which is great for any customer.

If you are happy to spend a few hours pottering around your local shops then you can pick them up, feel them and get a really good feel for the burner, or if you prefer online just make sure you that you choose a website that has good, high quality pictures that clearly shows the design, shape and colour, as this means you can be confident that it will be the burner that you really want. Some websites even offer videos of the burners, so that you can really see what they look like, and the odd lifestyle shot really can also help you place the burner in your home and make sure it looks just right.

Either way, make sure you choose somewhere to buy your burner from that is reputable and that you can trust, as poor quality burners can be dangerous, so always pay a bit more for higher quality and a brand you can trust. Many people often start their search online or in a shop and the do the opposite when they want to buy it, just to see if they can get it cheaper or if they would want to support a local high street business.

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