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New Product Launch – Wax Melt Sample Pots

We always listen to our customers, as should any decent company, so when they started asking for sample pots, we not only listened, but we delivered.

We are delighted to have launched our FULL RANGE of sample pots, meaning you can try any of our wax melt range for just £1.50, or if you buy 5, you can get TWO EXTRA for FREE!

Sample pots are a brilliant way to try our wax melts, with each sample pot offering around 10 hours burning time, offering exactly the same fragrance as the bigger versions, allowing you try our range of wax melts and then make a list of the ones you really love.

Our Sample Pots are a great way for you to try our products with a smaller version, so that you can choose your favourites and then come back and buy the bigger versions.

Our samples are sold in 1oz pots, or around 28g of wax melt, which means they should last you around 6 - 10 hours, but they are meant to give you an idea of the fragrance, rather than being used like our bigger versions would be.

They smell exactly the same as our bigger wax melts and will give you an idea about the scents you love and want to buy again and again, so these little pots of joy are a great way to see just how good our products are.

So head over to our Wax Melt Sample Pots page, pick the ones you want to try and we will get them in the post and delivered to you as quick as we can.

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