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How To Store Your Wax Melts

If you love wax melts and quite frankly, why would you not, then you probably have quite the collection going on. We know from personal experience how one order leads to another, ordering exclusive and time limited fragrances, stocking up on the ones you love and trying out new ones, and this soon builds into a huge collection of melts.

When it comes to owning more wax melts than you could possibly burn in a week, you really need to be thinking about how to store them correctly so that when you come to melt them, they are still in the premium condition that they were in when you purchased them.

Here are some of our top tips when it comes to storing your wax melts correctly.

Store Them In A Dry, Cool And Dark Place

Wax melts need to be stored in a dry place to protect them from moisture damage. Do not leave them in places like kitchens or bathrooms that have quite a humid and changing atmosphere, as this can damage the wax and fragrance release, as they need to be kept totally dry and in a consistent environment that is suitable for them.

Try to keep them in a cool, dry space, but in a room that does not have fluctuating moisture levels or temperatures, which means leaving them on a windowsill or next to a radiator is a no go. We recommend storing them in their own cupboard or drawer outside of the kitchen of bathroom, that is positioned in a consistently cool and dark place, as this will help to keep the wax in optimum condition and avoid it getting harmed by the outside environment, which can affect performance and fragrance release.

Make Sure The Packaging Is Sealed

If your wax melts arrive in clam shells or plastic pots, as long as you make sure these are sealed back up tightly once you have taken what you need, then you can store them easily like that. As we say, just make sure you have checked that they are fully closed and the container is sealed, as unless they are fully closed then they will still be exposed to the outside environment, which can cause the fragrance loss over time and a lack of performance.

Consider Airtight Containers

If your wax melts are purchased lose from a market for example or come as a snap bar, then you might want to consider storing your wax melts in airtight containers, as this will help to protect them from moisture and dust. You might also want to think about old (but clean!) glass jars or plastic containers with tight-fitting lids that are great options if you don’t want to go out and buy new storage solutions, as these will work just as well. Always make sure you label up your containers so that you know what is in them, and where you brought them from and the date of purchase, just in case you use a few melt companies and want to re-order later down the road.

Keep Scents Separate

If your wax melts come lose or you have a load on the go at once, you must store them separately and try to keep them away form each other, else the fragrances can start to almost merge, and this can cause your melts to burn with a smell you were not expecting. This can especially be the case if one of the fragrances is much, much stronger than the other, you can end up with a dominating mix of burn aroma that really might not be that nice to smell!

Use Within One Year If Possible

We recommend that you try to use your wax melts within one year of you purchasing them, and whilst many wax melts (if you follow the above advice) will last longer, over time you might find that they lose their fragrance and will not perform as well when you are melting them. Of course, if you are a wax melt addict then you will burn through them quickly, but if you are stocking up during a sale or because your favourite is being discontinued, as long as you store them correctly then it should be fine to use up to a year later.

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