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How Do Wax Burners Work?

If you love wax melts and enjoy melting them, then you will of course be using a wax burner or wax melter (or even sometimes called a wax warmer) but we still get questions about how these magical little bringers of joy really work, from new customers who have never experienced wax melts before, through to experienced melters that are just curious.

As we say, wax burners are also known as wax warmers and wax melters, but these should not be confused with the things that the beauty industry uses to melt wax before applying it to customers for certain procedures, so do not get these two confused as they are very, very different things!

Wax burners generally come in either a tea light or electric option, with a tea light wax burner using a tea light candle and an electric burner using a small lamp (bulb) and electricity to melt the wax, but we will cover this in more detail later. Whilst we always recommend tea light wax burners because we think they make the fragrance smell stronger, everyone has their own choice when it comes to which type of burner to use, and some customers even have both, as why not?

So, lets look at the two types of burner:

Tea light wax burners are generally the most simple type of burner, as they work by using the heat from a tea light candle that sits under the melt to warm the wax and this is how the heat gets to the wax melt. As we mentioned above, you tend to find that you get a stronger and quicker fragrance release with tea light wax burners due to the increased heat, but you will need to make sure you have loads of tea light candles on hand, as you will go through them!

Electric burners do not rely on a tea light candle, as they use a little replaceable bulb and you just plug them in to a power socket or use a battery on some occasions, which means you do not need a stock of tea light candles on hand to enjoy burning. However, you do need to make sure you have spare bulbs, as once the bulb has run the course you need to change them, otherwise the wax melt will often not smell as powerful as it should.

So, how do they work?

This process is really as simple as they come, so we won’t take a million words to explain this.

If you are using a tea light candle, then the heat from the flame melts the wax melt. If you are using an electric wax burner, then the heat from the bulb melts the wax melt. As the wax melt slowly melts away, it releases the fragrance that is stored in the wax into your room, which means as the little wax cubes of joy turn from solid to melted, you will start to smell your favourite scent drifting throughout your home.

This means that no matter what shape wax melt you buy, whether that’s a standard old cube like ours or maybe some fancy hearts, Christmas trees or even something a little bit rude, they will all end up the same way – melted and making your home smell simply amazing. When the wax melts are made the fragrance oil added to make that particular fragrance will then cool down and go solid with the wax melt. And then once you melt it, this is how the fragrance is released and you get the aromas floating throughout your home that make you smile, feel great and very, very relaxed.

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