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Why Wax Melts Are So Popular

The past two years have seen the demand for wax melts grow beyond any expectations, with more and most people now falling in love with these little cubes of joy. Whilst the market is admittedly very heavily saturated in terms of suppliers, the demand from customers is still increasing all the time.

Whilst wax melts are in no way a “new” thing, they have only really become so popular in the past few years, and whilst the COVID situation did help drive demand with people stuck at home, the growth in this market started way before. Now millions of people every single year continue to find these lovely little products and continue to stock up on their favourite brands, scents and shapes.

So, why the popularity?

So Many Fragrances

We worked really hard to select around 30 fragrances and scents that we thought would appeal to most of our customers, and whilst we can’t stock hundreds (although we would love to) we are adding to our range all of the time. But we have a wide range of perfume scents, food and sweet scents, amber and musk and clean and fresh, meaning that no matter what your senses are craving, we will always have a scent for you. Some of our customers love perfume, others love the musky, wood type fragrances, which is why we have small range that offers something for everyone.

They Are Safe

Because we use natural waxes, whether that is Soy or Rapeseed and Coconut, you can be assured there are no nasty chemicals like paraffin in our melts, which make them totally safe when it comes to actually enjoying the aromas floating around in the air. Whilst this can sometimes mean the wax does not look as “perfect” as one packed with nasties, it does mean that our wax melts are much better for your health and the environment, making them perfectly safe to enjoy in your home or office.

Cost Effective

As we mention in our next point, because you can purchase one of our wax melts for £3.99, you will get around 30 – 40 hours burning time out of this, which means you get a lot of lovely aromas for the money you pay. We have invested heavily in developing wax melts that are affordable yet luxury, and this means that our wax melts in terms of how much they cost and how long they last are not only affordable, but they are cost effective. We wanted to bring a luxury range to the reach of everyone, and we think we have done this and done it well!

Long Lasting

Whilst we can’t speak for all Wax Melt producers, our range of wax melts on average last for around 30 – 40 hours, with many of our customers telling us they last even longer than that. It of course depends on the scent and fragrance, but generally you know you can get a lot of burning from wax melts, and the nice thing is that the aroma often lingers into the next day, meaning you get the smell instantly and for some time after.

A Second Use

As we mentioned in another blog, you can take your wax melts once they are done and dusted, let them solidify and pop them into your drawers, cupboards or even the bottom of your bin, and you will get a really lovely reminder of the wax melt fragrance for many weeks to come. Many of our customers have told us they do this, many just pop them in directly or some put them in a old sock or mesh bag, and every time you open the cupboard, you get another chance to smell something beautiful!

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