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Why Are Wax Melts So Popular During The Autumn And Winter Months?

Whilst many avid wax melt fans will be buying wax melts all year round, it is fair to say that when the darker nights and colder days start to draw in around early October, the demand for wax melts (and candles) really does surge, and whilst some of this is of course due the Christmas rush, it is also simply down to more people using wax melts during this time.

When you think back to those long summer days that started at 8am and finished at 10pm, many people were either out and about or simply in their garden, which is why the usage of wax melts can drop during the warmer months.

With wax melts, you can often find a fragrance to fit the season. We offer a range of fragrances that are perfect for every day of the year, but some are more enjoyable in summer, and some are more enjoyable during winter, which is why wax melts sell all year round, but you tend to find different collections sell more at different times of the year. Everyone has a preference, and this is often seasonal as well.

With more people outside, the weather warm and glorious and everyone out and about after the Covid lockdown period, the usage of wax melts obviously fell, and whilst sales are still strong during June to September, the best months are generally during the autumn and winter seasons, and this is easy to understand why.

Cold, Wet And Dark

The cold weather, the darker nights and often the endless periods of rain make us want to feel cosy and warm when we settle down indoors, either during the day or at night, which is why wax melts and the melting of them really starts to surge mid-October and then rapidly rise during the winter. When the weather is bad, we want to feel safe, warm and cosy in our own homes, and melting a relaxing and embracing fragrance is something that can really make us feel really happy.

At Home More

When its raining, you tend to stay in more and likewise when the nights are dark and cold, venturing out is no longer preferable as when compared to a delightful summers evening when the warmth can still be on your back well past 7pm. With more people at home more often, the use of wax melts increases simply because you are home, rather than out and about, and what better way to spend a rainy, cold and miserable weekend than burning through some amazing fragrances surrounded by your family or even just on your own.

Mental Health

It has been proved many times over that if you find a range of fragrances that you adore, melting wax melts can really help with your mental health and how you feel. Depression is often higher during the winter months due to the factors we have already covered above, and by making yourself feel safe and surrounded by aromas that help to trigger better times, burning a selection favorite wax melts really can help to calm you down and make you feel that everything is OK.

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