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What Can You Do With Your Used Wax Melts

Like the end of any amazing story or movie, your beloved wax melt will run out of aroma at some point and soon need to be changed, which leaves the question, what can you do with your old wax melt?

Well, the first thing to do is make sure you are not ending its life too early, as many of our wax melts will offer many hours’ worth of burn, and whilst the fragrance might not be as strong at the end of the burn life, you might be able to get a few extra hours out of it, maybe moving it into the hallway or a smaller room to get a bit more time.

But, if the end is here and your thinking of the long goodbye, then we have some top tips as to how you might extend the life of your used wax melts. And we hope it goes without saying, but always let the wax melt solidify and cool down totally before you even attempt to do anything with it.

Pop Into A Drawer Or Cupboard

Even once you have had a few hours burning from a wax melt, they can still be quite powerful if you let them solidify again and then pop into a drawer or cupboard. If you are worried about leaving marks, you can pop the used wax melt into an envelope or even a sock and just simply pop it into the cupboard or drawer. This is a really nice use of an old wax melt, as they will keep your cupboards and drawers smelling lovely for quite a bit of time, but do try to keep away from food storage.

Make Your Own Tealights

As many avid wax melt fans will know, you will go through a lot of tealights over time and this is why so many people make their own tealights from their old wax melts. You can buy the kits you need to do this from Amazon or other retailers (and you can even keep your old tealight cases to reuse), then all you need to do is melt down your wax melts and then pour them into your new tealight holder, insert the wick and let it solidify, and you will end up with some new but recycled tealights!

Place Into Your Bin

When we say this, we don’t mean throw them away. You can pop your freshly finished wax melt into the bottom of your food or waste bin, which will help to get rid of any nasty smells and bin aromas - a great way of using your wax melt for another few weeks after it is finished. We often find you will need to put a couple into a bigger bin, but if you get a couple of matching or similar fragrances, then your bin will be smelling amazing for a long time.

Bathrooms And Toilets

As long as you are using a decent brand that offers wax melts that are highly fragranced like our ones, you can put any used wax melt into a smaller room like a toilet or bathroom and you will notice the aroma, just like a normal air freshener. This probably will not be as effective when it comes to the bigger rooms, but for small rooms it is a great and eco-friendly way to reuse the wax melts as mini air fresheners, and the nice thing is, you can continually change them! Do not just put them on top of the toilet though, always place into a little container or onto a plate or lid for example, else the wax melts could leave some waxy marks.

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