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What Are Wax Melts?

Over the past couple of years wax melts have grown so quickly in terms of popularity that you would before forgiven for thinking they have been around for decades, but in reality, it is only over the past few years that they have really taken the home fragrance market by storm.

If we were to turn the clock back a few years then you would only have been able to buy your melts from a few big retailers and small independent shops, but now it seems everyone is making them, from the large businesses through to homemade one person operations.

And yet, so many people still do not know about these amazing smelling gems of joy, so we thought we would give you a quick guide as to what they are.

Wax melts are simply scented pieces of wax that you need to melt in a wax burner or wax warmer, and whilst we come to that later, the little pieces of wax slowly melt away releasing a fragrance into your home.

You can buy wax melts in many shapes and forms, whether that’s in large clamshells like ours or the little selections of hearts or shapes sold by others. Some are plain and simple, and some contain a wealth of glitter and funky colours. Every piece of wax is made using fragrance oils which are slowly released as you melt your wax, offering a consistent smelling aroma that should fill your room with joy.

Wax melts differ from candles as they do not have a wick, which not only makes them flame free when it comes to burning, but it does mean you will need a wax burner to melt your wax melts. You can choose electric or t-light wax burners, as you need a burner to safely melt your chosen product, as doing it any other way is just extremely dangerous.

When it comes to the amazing smells and scents that are available, we really are not exaggerating when we say there is an aroma that everyone will find, love and cherish. Whether you are into strong perfume scents or prefer a subtle fruity flavour, there are thousands of different wax melts on the market that really will cater for every need. The nice thing about wax melts is that you can change them frequently, meaning you do not have to spend hundreds of pounds to get a really nice mix of melts, as you can swap them around as you fancy.

The choice and availability, alongside the affordability of wax melts probably all come together as the main reasons that wax melts have rapidly grown in terms of popularity recently, as you can easily try a wax melt scent for a few pounds, rather than invest a lot of money into a candle, allowing more choice, more frequency, and of course more availability.


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