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Things To Consider When Buying Wax Melts

Over the past few years the number of businesses operating in the Wax Melt industry has rocketed beyond all belief, with a huge rise in new wax melt makers and suppliers launching during the COVID19 Lockdown and the months that followed.

This meant that you no longer just had the few major and established brands to choose from, you now had many thousands of options, from the people that make them at home through to the bigger companies that produce thousands of wax melts, in hundreds of fragrances every single day.

And with choice can come problems, as customers want to try different brands but can be wary about the quality of the product they are buying or where they are buying them from.

Here are a few things to consider before placing that order.

Weight And Price

It can be easy to dismiss a company because they look too expensive. But you need to look at the weight of the product. For example, our products sell for £4.99, but the weight is 80g which means you are getting a lot of product for that money. If you were to compare our product with something that sold for £2.99 but was half the size, you can see that you would get more product by paying less from us, so this is something to really take into consideration before making that purchase.

Check the weight of the product and the estimated burning time, as price is often not the way to like for like compare wax melts, or at least, should not be the only deciding factor.

How Are They Made

We recommend you always go for natural based wax melts, as these are much better for you and offer a much cleaner burning experience. Natural wax melts are generally made with soy wax, coconut wax or rapeseed wax, or sometimes a combination of the two, but these are fully natural waxes, and do not contain nasty chemicals that can be unhealthy for you. Natural waxes are also often made from renewable sources as well, are biodegradable and they last longer. So, when it comes to what you buy, always buy natural and avoid anything with paraffin in, for the reasons we mention above!

Burning Time

We all want to buy things that offer good value, so it is important to make sure that your wax melts are not just going to be a five-minute wonder and that you buy something that gives you some really good burning time. All of our wax melts offer at least 20 hours burning time, but most offer 30 hours and more as some of the scents are stronger than others. Therefore, it is sometimes better to pay a little more because the melts will last longer and you will get more value for your money. Try to buy wax melts that offer a reasonable burning time when compared to the price that you are paying, as the most reputable companies will try to make this information available to you.

The Company You Buy From

We have seen and heard the consumer horror stories about orders not turning up, or turning up incomplete, missing items of products broken, so always make sure you do your research first before making that purchase. Check the product reviews to make sure they have had customers previously. Check their social media presence to make sure they do have some followers and history, and where possible look for things like TrustPilot or other review sites where their previous customers can rate the company and their experience with them. A few minutes research and checking can make sure that you are not left out of pocket or with sub standard wax melts that you really don’t think offered good value for money.

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