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Perfume Wax Melts

If you love wax melts that smell just like your favourite perfume, then our perfume collection is just for you, offering a range of highly fragranced wax melts that really do smell amazing.

All of our wax melts that smell like your favourite perfumes are made using natural wax and with a high quality fragrance oil, and they are made to work perfectly with our range of tea light wax burners and oil burner range, filling any room of your home with a fragrance that you will simply adore.

Whether it is our Alien Invasion inspired hand poured and handmade natural wax melts or our Madam Coco wax melts, you will love our range of eco friendly, vegan friendly and cruelty free range of wax melts, which are in stock and available to buy online today.

The perfume range of melts are very popular across many of the brands you might be familiar with, and they are indeed the best selling selection that we currently offer, along with our vanilla and amber based melts as well. People love the perfume range, and we will be adding more and more melts to this collection over the next few months, so stay tuned for more to come!

You can view all of our perfume scented wax melts by clicking here.

How To Use A Wax Melt

Our unique range of handmade wax melts are really very simple to use, as all you need is a tea light wax burner, one of our amazing wax melts and the time to sit back and enjoy the fragrances that will drift through your home.

Simply take one or two cubes from one of our wax melts and pop it into the top of your tea light burner, add a tea light candle and wait about 20 minutes for the wax to melt and the fragrance to start emerging from the burner and enjoy no matter what room you are melting in.

These wax melts are designed to produce a fragrance that is long lasting, clean burning and natural, meaning you will be able to enjoy the fragrance and not feel over powered.

Once you have finished melting, you can simply blow out the tea light and let the wax set again, and then next time you want to use it, just repeat the process. It is important to remember that you will only get so many hours out of a wax melt, just as you would a candle, so as you burn you will find the fragrances starts to lose some of its strength, and when you can no longer smell the fragrance when melting, it is time to stop melting and remove the wax once it has cooled down.

Why Use Only Natural Wax Melts?

For example our alien wax melts produce a fragrance that is designed to be enjoyable and relaxing, not a fragrance that will overpower the room, which can often happen when using things like paraffin wax, but because we only use natural wax, like natural soy wax and soy wax, or coconut and rapeseed wax, you will get a much better burn and fragrance from our wax melts.

It is so important to use natural wax melts, as these are much better for your health, they last longer and they produce a much cleaner burn, which is why all of our alien wax melts, and indeed all of our wax are made from 100% natural wax.

We also don't add any colour to our melts, as we prefer the natural look and just feel that whilst colours look pretty, we prefer to keep the fragrance as strong as it can be, rather than add colours that really don't do anything other than make it look pretty.

How To Find Your Perfect Melt

When it comes to choosing your favour perfume melt, check out the selection on our perfume collection page, or you can use our search bar to find the perfect selection of melts for you, with all of our range only one search away and of course, you can get 10% off your first order with us. And don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter as well, to keep in touch with all of our special offers and new ranges as they become available.

Simply search for perfume or any specific perfume scent, and you will see the selection results where you can then choose the one or the many that are right for you!

Once you have found the melt or melts you want, simply add them to your cart, head to the checkout page and you can then choose to make an account and join our amazing family or checkout as a guest. The scent can often vary when it comes to different melts, so it is important to always try a few samples if you can first.

If you are worried about trying a new brand or new product, remember to check the reviews first, as many of our products offer a range of reviews from our customers, and you can also find our service reviews on Trustpilot as well.

You can view all of our perfume scented wax melts by clicking here.

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