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How Long Do You Burn Wax Melts For?

Whether you are an avid user of wax melts and have tried hundreds of brands and scents over the years, or you are new to the market and are trying them for the first time, the question of how long you burn wax melts for is one that still crops up all of the time.

In fact, this is one of the most asked questions from our customers – just how long should I be melting your wax melts for?

Well, we wish the answer were simple, but sadly it is not, as not only does this come down to the type of wax melt, the fragrance, and the brand, it can also come down to user preference as well.

There are a few elements that we need to look at when we think about how long you should be melting for and these include the following points below.

The Brand

The brand of the wax melt often determines how long you are going to get fragrance for. There are many brands like us that offer a very high quality, luxury wax melt that whilst you might be paying a bit more for, actually last longer than the sometimes-cheaper options. This means that if the brand is quality, you can often end up using the wax melt for longer, as the fragrance is stronger and will continue to offer a lovely, balanced aroma consistently.

The Fragrance

Some of our fragrances and scents are stronger than others, which means that you might decide to burn them for a few hours at a time rather than consistently for many hours. For example, our perfume scents are often the ones that release the aroma the quickest, whereas our fruit scents normally take a little longer to hit the mark, but are generally less powerful. This means that you might find that depending on the type of melt you are burning will determine how long you decide to melt it for.

Your Property

If you are burning the wax melts in small rooms then you can often go for short bursts in terms of burning times and therefor get the aroma filling the room quickly. On the flip side, if you are melting in a hallway and are trying to make the smell travel across most of the house, then you are probably going to need to burn for longer to make sure you can smell it everywhere. It can be a good idea to try placing your burner in different locations, as this can impact where your fragrance will drift, but of course, never leave them unattended.

Your Burner

One of the things we find with melts is that if your electric burner is not strong enough, or you have not cleaned your burner properly then this can affect the strength of the fragrance released, which could mean you have to burn for longer to achieve any real benefit. Generally, make sure you follow recommended burning instructions and always clean your burner after use, as this will make sure your next melt is a clean burn, rather than being mixed up.

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